Healing House for Physical & Emotional Healing




Seattle, WA (for locals and anyone around the world is welcome)
Today in the world over 95% of humanity globally are suffering from health challenges and not able to find resolutions.  Humanity suffers year after year, taking multiple pharmaceuticals that do nothing for the body but build up more and more toxicity in the body which eventually leads to more chronic illness.  If you can add the study, you can add this link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/06/150608081753.htm
It’s time to return to Nature for true Healing.  This is a start to begin to heal and cleanse the body from all past and current traumas.  This will cleanse the body of all chemicals, toxins, and all impurities and get started on the right track physically, mentally, and emotionally to heal the body and learn to focus on the positi8ve things in life and this will for sure bring us longevity, peace, happiness, and great health!
At the Healing House:
One will receive a combination of healing modalities:
  • Detox the entire body and bloodstream.
  • Energy herbs are provided to rebuild DNA.
  • Tea served to cleanse & remove trauma from the “Emotional Body”
  • Sound healing & breath work to calm the mind, slow the mind, and relax the mind.
  • 1 hour of grounding – reconnect the body to earth’s natural core and receive the free electrons that will immediately restore and rebalance the body back to wholeness!!!


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