Creating Economic Sovereignty


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Dear Community!

The time we have all been waiting for: Creating Economic Sovereignty: May 19, 2024.

Please join us for an amazing and very informative presentation on how to create Indestructible Wealth Engines- creating Economic Sovereignty for you, your family and for your business if you own one.


(First Meeting) May 19th: 12pmPST, 2pmCST, 3pmEST, 8pm United Kingdom

(Second Meeting) May 19th: 6pmPST, 8pmCST, 9pmEST


Special presentation by Urshel Metcalf, Chief Optimizer of Epic Optimized

Epic Optimized Website: EO Main Page (

Short Video of Presentation:

As the financial crisis in the world today continues to crumble; let’s educate ourselves on other options to be prepared.

Topics of discussion:

•Infinite Banking Strategies
•Setting up and Asset Trust
•Tax Reduction Strategies
•How to properly take things out of your name
•How to Incorporate your name
•How to build business credit

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Have an amazing day!



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