by Tamika Moseley

sickle cell natural healing book cover

After spending every three months of her newborn’s life in the hospital managing his sickle cell disease, Tamika Moseley knew she had to change what she was doing or the hospital would be her second home. In this deeply personal book, Tamika shares her story of the difficult journey she took to find natural ways to treat her son’s debilitating disease. Three years since she started using herbs to minimize his sickle cell crises, her son is living a normal, healthy and pain-free life. Whether you have sickle cell disease or the trait, this book will show you what your body needs and how to treat your symptoms so that pain is no longer a part of your vocabulary. As Tamika likes to say, “Knowledge is power” Sickle Cell Natural Healing: A Mother’s Journey gives you the benefit of the wisdom one fearless and determined mother collected so that others suffering with this disease can thrive!


“A must read. Great Information.” My friend was just diagnosed with Sickle cell disease and I bought this for him. He says that it is a great book and took it to his hematologist and the doctor told him that it was a good plan to go by. So he went to Sprouts market and purchased lots of the items that is recommended in the book. Been a few months now and no crisis yet. He is hopeful and very happy I bought him this book. -by Suz

“Great Information – An amazing story of Natural Healing.” Thank you so much for sharing your story and writing this book. I have been a believer in natural healing for quite some time and am always looking to understand alternative solutions to today’s medical problems. I read this book for my own knowledge, but plan to purchase additional copies to share with my friends whose children suffer from the conditions related to Sickle Cell. What I like most is how simply and clearly you explain the four treatment objectives, the regiment that worked for your son, and the exact purpose/benefit of the various herbs and vitamins. Great information… Can’t wait to share it! God bless you and your family. – by Joy

“Great information! Very Inspiring!” Simply written and packed with an abundance of very important information. Knowledge truly is power and when your family is dealing with such a serious disease you must do your own research & make informed decisions. Medical doctors are practicing medicine…they do not have it all figured out & their knowledge is oftentimes limited. There is no limit to what God can do through & for those that believe in His power & take actions to help themselves! – by Kindle customer

“Excellent/Excellent” I love it. A lot of good information. I wish I had this book before. Me encantó tiene mucha información importante. – by Brencarna

“It’s a brilliant book, well written and very informative” It’s a brilliant book, well written an very informative. For a mother of two children with SCD I found some of the finding very helpful and will definitely be trying out the recommendations. – by Monica

“Five Stars” It’s an amazing book I strongly recommend it! – by Amazon customer

“Great Insight” Very informative and helpful. Great insight. – by Antonia

Great book with people living with sickle cell disease” Great book for people living with the disease, people who want to learn more about sickle cell, and people who want To learn about natural remedies to treat certain issues. – by Makeda

“Great Book” Great book! This book has changed my life in just a few short days. I read it from cover to cover and I think anyone suffering from Sickle cell disease should invest in this book. – by J Herrera