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We are grateful for your help in assisting my husband during his covid19 scare. We thank God for your existence! My husband felt better shortly after he started taking the regimen. He’s now tested negative!!


~Hey Tamika!!

Just wanted to touch base with you. For starters, I went to my doctor yesterday, and he gave me the BEST NEWS EVER! My A1C went down from 15.8 to 7.1!!!! That has not happened in YEARS!! Thank you for starting me on this regimen. I’m excited to get my health back!

R Lancara, Puerto Rico

~I was exposed to the Coronavirus at work and tested positive. I felt so tired and weak all of the time. All I wanted to do was sleep because I was so tired. My son and my mom had to get tested as well. They were exposed from being around me every day. Both of them were positive. I reached out to Tamika and did a consultation with her. My mom, my son, and I did the regimen that was given by Tamika. After a few days of doing her regimen, we ended up with negative results. If we didn’t do the regimen from Tamika, I would not have known how we would have survived it!


~Diagnosed with Pneumonia & Corona

I was diagnosed with pneumonia & COVID, and was connected to Tamika through a family member the following morning. I truly thak God for Tamika’s wisdom and God’s medicine cabinet. By the end of the first day I was already starting to feel better and symptoms were subsiding. Two days later, I felt amazing! Even some of the other issues I was having in my body for close to 6 months were going away. This has beena  true blessing to my life!


~I consider myself a happy, content, and healthy person. When I started experiencing heart palpitations with nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss and insomnia, my life was turned up-side down. I felt totally out of balance, and since I’ve never felt this way before, it made me nervous and very concerned for my health. I was given medications that I wasn’t comfortable taking. The side effects sounded like death; so, my husband sought out Ms. Tamika Moseley to help me.

I kept telling her that I was so grateful to God for her, because she came into my life as an angel from heaven. She created a restorative regimen that I took for two months, and all of my symptoms are gone since then! I feel amazing!! I feel happier than ever before, and I will continue on the path of health and well-being.

I am so thankful to Tamika for the time she took creating different regimens for me that brought me back into good health!


~I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance over 13 years ago. I was put on prescriptions that had to be increased yearly, all while I continued to feel worse and get sicker. Five years ago, I became so ill that I had to stop working for 12 weeks while they tested me for everything under the sun before diagnosing me with Rheumatoid Arthritis (I am only 38 years old) and threw more prescriptions at me. I have struggled with fatigue and pain for years and nothing seemed to help.

A friend referred me to Tamika and I scheduled an appointment. Tamika took the time to listen and asked deeper questions about the symptoms. She also provided me with education on how the prescriptions were actually causing most of my symptoms.

I started on her regimen and in less than 60 days, I’m feeling better than I have in the last 10 years. I’m off all of the prescriptions and my blood sugar levels are decreasing every week and returning to normal. I would highly recommend working with her before you fill that next prescription!



~I am a 70 year old former pro athlete. I’ve experienced chronic pain in my back and hip every day for over 25 years. I had one hip replacement surgery and was contemplating a second one. I was also finalizing plans to have cataract surgery this past February. I decided to consult with Tamika. She placed me on a regimen of herbs, minerals, and vitamins. After being on the regimen for one month, I started to experience a significant reduction in the back and hip pain. My vision has improved to the point that I can drive at night without any difficulty. I am no longer considering hip replacement surgery, and I’ve cancelled my cataract surgery.

–D Zimmerman | Monroe, LA

~I was having a very hard time breathing, I couldn’t walk far without being out of breath. Pains in my back, and my heart was failing, only working 23%.

I heard Tamika speak at The Washington House and I was blown away with the information she shared. She has a different understanding on how to heal the body.

I consulted with Tamika and after being on the regimen for only 2 months, I went back to the doctor for my check up (and at this appointment, the doctor was ready to install the defibrillator), after my checkup, my heart is now working 35% and in 6 months, my heart is now working 45% and I feel much better. I’m breathing better, I’m able to walk longer distance without being out of breath. Tamika is truly a life saver!

–Carmen| Seattle WA

~When our son was 20 months old he was diagnosed with autism. He wasn’t speaking or babbling. He never said “mama” or “dada” and he didn’t try to repeat anything we said to him.

When we received his diagnosis I was actually relived because there was something to describe what I was noticing. It took us an additional 22-24 months for him to receive speech therapy and IBS. While I was waiting I placed my son on a low carb, high fat diet and my mom told me to contact Tamika for a consultation.

Tamika recommended additional omega sources, vitamin d3, k2, iodine, bentonite clay, and many other natural alternatives to help rid my son’s body of damaging toxins, repair his cut and boost his brain.

Now, at 28 months our son is able to speak in 2 word sentences, knows his alphabet (upper and lower case), his numbers (1-20), his body parts, and jumped over 20 points on the cognition scale.

In the beginning, God made us perfect and gave us everything we needed to maintain our temple. I am so thankful to God and Tamika’s wise advice. If your child has autism or struggles with cognitive issues, I would implore you to work with Tamika and chance your family’s life for the better!

–Asia | Florida

let me tell you, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED IF YOUR BATTLING COVID!!!! the seller is so knowledgeable and very comforting. so fast with delivery and packaging well, if local will meet up with you. the product made covid recovery time super fast. i will always reccommend this seller


We last communicated in 2020 regarding my daughter who has Sickle Cell. Since then, I am giving her Evenflo and it works with her. She has been pain free for 2 years now. Even when we all got Covid, nothing serious happened to her.
And I would like to thank you.
May God bless you and inspire you more”

Anonymous~ United Kingdom

Sickle Cell Testimonial:
I want to thank you Tamika for being there for me when my baby was born with sickle cell. You got me started with my daughter's sickle cell regimen. It was the worst time of my life, the pain I felt from doctors telling me she would die young was devastating.

But I met you on Facebook and you changed my life, you taught me there was another way, a better way, and my baby is now 4 years old with no more pain crisis.

I owe you so much, my peace of mind, my daughter's health, everything is ok thanks to your kindness and wisdom. I just hope you know how grateful I am for your existence.
Thank you!!



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