Sickle Cell Natural Healing: A Mother’s Journey


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My son turned 1year old and the crisis started happening, he was hospitalized every 3 month with crisis and also blood transfusions. It was at that moment of his second blood transfusion is when I made a conscience decision to stand up and change from what I was doing.

Where did I turn? To nature, herbs and food. I started researching herbs to help the body produce red blood cells, increase oxygen and raise hemoglobin. The first supplement I started giving my son was liquid chlorophyll, which is found in all the leafy green vegetables, and he took this daily. I continued to educate myself and changed our diet to more of a plant based where he eats plenty fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils. Aiden’s current regimen today is taking Even Flo along with Chlorophyll, magnesium and D3. We drink alkaline water, coconut water, spring water, also 100% organic juice. Very minimum processed foods, no white sugars.. It has been almost 9 years and my son has not had a crisis.

I wrote my book about my personal journey in hopes to be an inspiration to others who are suffering and to let the world know there are other alternatives out there and you do not have to suffer, you can live a very healthy, normal and pain free lives.

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